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ITM INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO TOBACCO PRODUCTS IMPORT EXPORT MANUFACTURING TOURISM TRADE CO. is a TOBACCO company as the fastest growing one having head office in Antalya recently. Turkey, which has an important place in the world in tobacco production is one of the best tobacco producing companies in the tobacco market. To achieve a significant market share in the tobacco market, especially in the international arena to announce our brand so that domestic and foreign capital investments in Turkey and converting it to work, we aim to be an example in the international arena. Our aim is to provide continuous development with the participation of all employees and suppliers with our high quality and technology. In this sense, we care about our employees in our workplace, support our team and ensure their maximum motivation. While we are focused on our customers with quality awareness, we respect local and cultural values ​​and reach our target with our understanding of sensitivity to environment with our understanding of high responsibility.
We manufacture and supply coal, charcoal, coking coal, coke, steam coal, boiler coal, coals, charcoals, coking coals, cokes, steam coals, boiler coals...
Our company imports charcoal from Cuba and Nigeria and sells it both domestically and abroad.